Density fields.

We computed density field for each of the 220 realizations and the ensemble using several methods including DTFE, Lagrangian and Gaussian estimators.

Velocity fields.

We computed multiscale velocity fields for each of the 220 realizations and related vector fields as well as state-of-the-art visualizations.

LSS characterization.

We have extensive LSS characterization including catalogues of clusters, filaments, walls and voids from two different methods: Spine and MMF.

Halo/SubHalo catalogues.

For all 50 snapshots of the 220 realizations we have catalogues of FoF halos and SubFind subhaloes as well as extensive physical properties such as mass, radius, shape, v_max, r_max, etc.


Data products from the Halo/SubHalo, Spine and MMF catalogues are stored in a database for fast and efficient retrieval. The database contain physical and relational properties of haloes as well as LSS.